Food & Feed

ST Equipment & Technology LLC (STET) develops and manufactures triboelectrostatic separators that provide a dry process to beneficiate organics such as flours, oilseed meals, protein concentrate, starch, fiber, and B-glucan.

It is an environmentally responsible, water-free purification process that does not require chemicals or biologicals and hence precludes any drying step, which can potentially degrade biological compounds.

The STET process is completely dry, with a high processing capacity and low energy consumption. STET has successfully demonstrated beneficiation at pilot plant scale for numerous food and feed application.

Globally, our customers are creating a competitive advantage in their markets when they extract valuable products from their feed and waste streams by leveraging the economic value unlocked with STET separators. We have 20 years of operational experience and experts ready to assist in the feasibility and planning process to ensure success.

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